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No More Fear! is a book launch company specializing in creating inspirational and motivational books for children and adults. Our books are designed to help readers break free from fear and transform their lives. Our founder, Coach Dixson, is a renowned author who has written several books on personal development and is committed to helping individuals learn, grow, and achieve their full potential.

Meet The Author

Kendra Dixson

Kendra Dixson is a licensed psychotherapist in Michigan and a graduate of the Wayne State University School of Social Work in Detroit, Michigan, where she earned her Master of Social Work degree. Kendra completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor campus. In 2022, she was honored by She Leads Michigan as a woman of faith and recognized her accomplishments in Michigan.

Kendra is also a transformational life coach and entrepreneur. She strongly advocates enhancing mental health fitness, self-care, and physical and spiritual wellness. She is passionate about training and motivating clients to manage their minds, foundational to a healthy brain and lifestyle.

Kendra is presenting her debut children’s book, No More Fear! I Really Can Become A Butterfly. She is a mother and understands the challenges of raising children in a climate of fear, isolation, social media, and other distractions in today’s world. This book introduces valuable life lessons and coping skills to children, teaching them how to confront fear before it has an opportunity to infect their precious minds.

She has also written a book for adults, No More Fear! She shares her battle with fear and how she is winning and inspires others to win the fight. Her goal in writing this book is to help individuals interrupt and break generational cycles of habits and behaviors that will create disorder if left unchecked. Go to to order your copy today.
Coach Kendra Dixson
Meet The Illustrator

Mariah Green

Mariah Green is an artist from the state of Michigan and is a current undergraduate student at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, she is working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design.

Since the age of three, Mariah has been drawing many pictures and, from there, expressed creativity through the different mediums of art: paintings, set designing, graphic designing, and currently, illustrating children's books. In Mariah's years of school, she was honored for her work. From 2018-2019, she was deemed the winner by the Warren Consolidated School Board for grades 8th and 9th.

In three years of illustrating children's books, Mariah has released three books, making No More Fear! I Really Can Become A Butterfly, her fourth. She wants to continue to pursue art as a career and to glorify God in everything she creates!
Mariah Green
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